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Let's Get Together

One of the ways we can tell how we are doing well in life is to compare our possessions to the people around us...We at Happy Soul Adventures collect memories not things and we value the people we share and experience them with...

Cycling Tours

Celebrating the simple treasures in life by activating your body and mind. Where can you go to experience physical thrills with psychological benefits? We offer cycling tours out in the wilderness surrounded by nature.

The best invigorating break from the daily life mantra, to get back your mojo, challenge your strength and exhilarate your spirit.

People based Experiences

Ever wondered how other people lived in other parts of the world? Seeking creative inspiration or learn a new hobby or just want to interact and meet new people?

Travel the world with us and find meaning. Happy Soul Adventures will help you create a personal, authentic travel itinerary - with more emphasis on true human connections and perhaps even learn something about yourself too.

Events based Experiences

Happy Soul Adventures is a place for anyone who shares that nomadic spirit, taking in long road trips with friends, attending soul enriching events, delving into places you have never imagined.

Come and join us as we explore unique events that would certainly enrich your soul and really connect with the world out there.

Come let's explore the world together!

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself through pure travel experiences that feed your soul.

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